Hello, Evelyn Street Day School!! 

I will be visiting your school on Monday, Sept. 26th & Thursday, Sept. 29th. 

Portraits will be shot outdoors in natural light with a tight frame. If it rains, portraits will be done indoors against a black background. 

Shots will be candid - allowing your child to be themselves!

All children will have their picture taken unless you specify with your school that you would like to decline. If you would like to have siblings' photographed together, please e-mail me to schedule: natasha@natashachiaviello.com. Siblings will scheduled before or after individual class portraits. 

Just a few tips for picture day:

> Portraits are done with tight frames from the waist up. Sometime the children are standing or I will have them sit in a chair. Wear something colorful, details in the collar/shoulder area is perfect! Boys can wear bowties, collared shirts, whatever they are comfortable in. Please stay away from neon colors, greens, sports logos and characters. 

> Please don't prep your little ones for picture day by telling them to say "CHEESE". That's what you will get is cheesey, fake smiles. My approach to boutique school photography is to chat with your children, make them laugh, be silly and capture real, candid and natural expressions. Images that capture their true personalities. 

> I do not believe in forcing a child to "perform" just for the sake of capturing "the shot" - instead I do my best to work with your child, make them comfortable and enjoy that short minute or two we have together. Please understand that all images are shot with the goal of being "REAL" - who they are in that moment. Some laugh, some cry, some stand stoic and pensive, some bounce and giggle...and I attempt to artistically capture it all! Embrace them just as they are because it all goes by so fast!!

I don't retouch too many boo-boos/bruises because REAL IS AWESOME and some may like to leave alone but if you don't that's OK too. Just

E-MAIL me and I will retouch where needed.

*Orders will be placed online via the proofing gallery that will be sent to you directly from your school's e-mail system. No monies or forms will be sent to the school. Purchase is optional.


Please contact the studio directly with any questions.